The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Inspired Gift Guide

I was obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was younger, so I was very excited when this reboot was announced last year. Netflix’s version is significantly darker than the original, but I still have enjoyed it. For this gift guide, I wanted to embrace the witchy vibe and do a collection of gifts that err a little more on the side of the woo-woo. Even if the people wouldn’t have necessarily selected these gifts for themselves, I think giving them as a gift gives them a chance to try something a bit out of their comfort zone.

Tarot Cards ($30)- There are beautiful tarot cards with a wide range of different styles of art, but I love these cards because they are fairly simplistic (perfect for a beginner) and I can never get enough pink.

Gratitude Candle ($38)- Candles automatically create a magical vibe, but this candle has the bonus of helping you set an intention AND it changes color. Sign me the heck up!

Obsidian ($2)- A modern witch gift guide wouldn’t be complete without some crystals. I am admittedly not an expert in anything crystals, but I’ve heard good things about this online store and I’m very into this shiny black stone.

Lavender & Sage Smudge Stick ($22)- Sometimes you just have to sage it out.

Zodiac Journal ($14)- Even your friends who are not super into the zodiac will appreciate this notebook because it’s so pretty. It would make the perfect dream journal or spellbook!

Beauty Mask DIY ($19)- Okay, this one isn’t technically magic at all, but it definitely feels a little witchy to mix up your own skincare.

Psychic Vampire Spray ($27)- I couldn’t make a woo-woo inspired gift guide without including something from Goop. This psychic vampire protection spray is as Goopy as it gets and we’re here for it. But who knows maybe it works or maybe this is the subtle hint she needs to drop that toxic boyfriend.

Solstice Candle and Room Spray ($29)- If you have seen any episodes of Sabrina, you know a good witch has to be in tune with the moon.

Body Vibes ($21)- You may have heard about the drama with these stickers a couple of years ago. The company claimed they were made out of NASA level stuff and turns out they aren’t… They might be stickers that reset your body’s vibrational frequency or they could just be expensive stickers, you’ll have to try them to be sure


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