The Crown Inspired Gift Guide

I’m in love with all things royal, and Netflix’s The Crown is no exception. While I’m still slowly making my way through the first 2 seasons (season 3 just premiered!), I can’t help but to be enchanted by the story of young Queen Elizabeth. This gift guide is filled with everything royal lovers want (and probably need) for Christmas this year.

Tea Sampler ($24)- As an American, I can think of nothing more British than a cup of tea. This sampler set from David’s Tea is a great way to a little taste of Britain to your morning.

Corgi Socks ($12)- The queen’s corgis are some of the most famous dogs in the world (besides Air Bud). These socks are the perfect little nod to the queen’s puppies and just look at their cute little butts.

Pink Hat ($50)- The modern-day Queen is known for her colorful ensembles. This hat is a modern take on her signature bright hues.

Essie’s Ballet Slipper ($9)- Being a royal comes with a lot of rules, including what nail polish is appropriate. Ballet Slippers is a barely-there nude pink that is the go-to for Queen Elizabeth herself.

Pearl Headband ($18)- I firmly believe that headbands are the lay person’s tiara. I’m personally in love with this pearl headband.

British Isles Print ($24)- If you’re a queen you should probably have a map of your queendom somewhere. I can’t get enough of Rifle Paper Co.’s print and would probably hang a print they create of my local grocery store if given the opportunity.

Velvet Hairbows ($29)- This is more a Kate move than a Queen Elizabeth hair accessory, but I’m a sucker for a good bow. It feels very proper and still playful!

Crown Ring ($240)- I was the proud owner of a crown necklace when I was in middle school, while that is no longer my look. I could definitely get behind a crown ring as a subtle nod to my inner princess.

Royal Bingo ($30)- TBH, I don’t actually know what Royal Bingo entails, but if you are trying to find a gift for a Royals lover, I don’t know if you can pass this up.

HRH Sweatshirt ($40)- Because a queen is still “Her Royal Highness” even in a sweatshirt and leggings.

If you love the royals, especially Kate and Megs, make sure you are following @eholmes on instagram. She does an amazing and thoughtful job commenting on royal fashion!