The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Websites

Do include the website on your save-the-dates: You should have your wedding website up and running by the time your save-the-dates are sent to guests. While you can certainly add to your website as you get closer to your wedding date, you should have basic travel information and your registry up when you send out the save-the-dates, because some of your guests will want to start booking travel or purchasing gifts right away.

Do include an easy to navigate menu: Above anything else, you want to make sure that your wedding website is easy to navigate! You want guests to be able to quickly find the information they are looking for, so they don’t have to call you with their questions.

Don’t forget a welcome message: I think the best thing to include on the homepage of your wedding website is a brief welcome message that includes both of your names and often a photo of the two of you. This will help reassure guests they have come to the right place.

Do add a password: While not every wedding website needs a password, if you’re are worried about your website begin accessed by people, not on your invite list, it doesn’t hurt to add a password. Make sure it is a fairly simple password and is included on your save-the-date.

Don’t include registry information on the first page: While this is typically one of the main uses of a wedding website, it is considered rude to have your registries listed too prominently on the homepage. Instead, make an easy-to-find link to more registry information.

Do include hotel information: If you planning on reserving hotel room blocks for your guests, make sure that information is easily accessible on your website!

Don’t include events that are not open to everyone on your invite list: While it might be tempting to include events like bridal showers and rehearsal dinners on your wedding website unless everyone is invited, it’s typically best to skip them for the wedding website. Including information on these events can cause hurt feelings and party crashers. Send out separate invitations for these events instead.

Do include wedding details like locations, start times, shuttle info, etc.: Make sure to include any information about the wedding day your guests might need to know. Include the address of your venue, any parking instructions, your wedding start time, and shuttle information. Having this information accessible will help to make sure your guests get to your wedding on time.

Don’t feel pressured to write a long love story or wedding party bios: A lot of wedding websites now include sections for your love story and wedding party bios. While it’s a nice detail, not a lot of your guests will take the time to read it. If you enjoy writing and want these pages as a sort of keepsake, then go for it, if not, don't stress too much about it.

Do include information on the dress code: Your wedding website can be a great place to expand on your wedding dress code. This is especially important if you are having a more non-traditional dress code. It can also be a great place to include some tips like suggesting women avoid heels if your ceremony is in the grass or to wear sunscreen if guests will be outside for a long time.

Do include local activities: If you have a lot of guests traveling into town for the wedding, it can be fun to include some local activities and restaurants that they might enjoy while on their stay in your town. This is especially important if there will be a large gap between wedding events where guests will need to entertain themselves.

Don’t include a gallery of engagement photos: Like your love story, most guests probably won’t spend too much time looking at these. But again, if this section makes you happy, go for it.

Do include a FAQ section: While an FAQ section isn’t necessary for every wedding, it can be helpful if there is any part of your wedding that is a little out of the ordinary. I’ve been finding FAQ sections particularly important during this pandemic, as it can help to answer recurring questions about precautions and changing wedding details.