The Politician Inspired Gift Guide

Ryan Murphy’s newest show on Netflix, The Politician, is a colorful ode to teenage ambition. I love the bold colors, amazing fashion, and Ben Platt. This gift guide is full of gifts perfect for the aspiring politician or new-minted career woman.

Pearl Earrings ($50)- I’d argue that pearl studs are the OG power accessory. Once you’re wearing pearl earrings, you’re like one Chanel suit away from being a Kennedy.

Desk Tackle Box ($38)- If you have big plans (like becoming president someday), there will be notes to take. I love that this desk tackle box embraces bright hues!

Laptop Case ($95+)- I’m in love with anything customizable and this laptop bag can certainly be customized. You can add tons of patches for your favorite cause or even just for your favorite food. I’m particularly fond of the letterman style monogram letters.

Red Lipstick ($42)- Red lipstick is a classic power move in make-up. It immediately makes it look like you have your life together and can also distract from the fact that you’re pretending to have cancer. I love this Gucci tube because it feels luxurious and special, even though it is under $50.

Laptop Backpack ($109)- Professional ladies need professional lady bags.

Hustle Journal ($24)- This goal-setting journal is the perfect way to keep your mind on your goals every morning.

Business Card Holder ($30)- Networking is a key part of any successful campaign. This leather cardholder is the perfect spot for business cards.

Personalized Stationery ($18+)- If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd (whether in a school election or at your job) start writing more handwritten thank you cards.

I Dissent ($20)- This is a board game about arguing. We’d argue it the perfect way to practice your debating and negotiating skills at your next game night.

USB Keychain ($39)- Pushing your name to the top of the polls requires a lot of phone time, but this USB keychain will help to get your recharge without leaving the campaign trail. Plus, I’m a sucker for a monogram!

Bonus Gift for yourself: Ben Platt’s Album. Ben Platt is a national treasure. Do yourself a favor and listen to his album, Sing to Me Instead. (Then, you can listen to The Politician’s album, so you can listen to “River” on repeat all day long.)


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