Tidying Up Inspired Gift Guide

At the beginning of the year (like much of America) I got completely swept up in Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up. I loved her approach to organizing and how it was more about being grateful and joyful with our possession and not so much about having a picture-perfect space. I definitely have my fingers crossed for a season 2. This gift guide is filled with the perfect gifts for the friends in your life who have been doing some KonMari-ing or just need a couple extra sparks of joy in their homes.

Pantry Labels ($10)- Labels are a crucial part of maintaining a new organizational system especially in shared areas of your home. You may know that pasta goes in this container, but does your boyfriend? Now he has no excuse.

Choose Joy Sweatshirt ($50)- We’ll admit it this phrase was a runner up to sparks joy, but we couldn’t find any cute “sparks joy” sweatshirts that sparked joy for us. At the core, the sentiment is the same, make room for more joy in your life by getting rid of the rest.

Spark Joy Book ($13)- The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was a cultural phenomenon when it first came out. Marie’s second book had less fanfare but is just as interesting.

Bento Box ($22)- Once your house is all Konmari-ed, you can start bringing that same attitude into the world. This bento box will help add a little joy to your lunch.

Planner Stickers ($13)- Stickers pretty consistently bring me joy, so this planner sticker set would certainly bring more joy into planning my life and keeping my time organized.

Compost Bin ($44)- One of the core tenants of the Konmari method is being more aware of your stuff and also being less wasteful. This is a great little way to be more aware of your waste and say thank you to the planet.

Good Vibes Smudge Set ($35)- If you’ve watched any episodes of Tidying Up, you’ll know that Marie always starts by thanking the home. This smudge set is a great way to practice some gratitude for your space. It would be an excellent gift for someone who is moving into a new home.

The Home Edit ($15)- The main goal of Tidying Up isn’t necessarily Instagram worthy pantries, but we can’t help but swoon over The Home Edit’s rainbow pantries and closets.

Nonprofit Gift Card (Any amount!)- If someone has just finished a complete declutter, sometimes adding more stuff to their lives is not what they need. This gift can be used to donate to any nonprofit of their choosing and that will certainly spark joy!