Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Inspired Gift Guide

I am personally of the opinion that most of the time gifts should be something that the people wouldn’t normally get for themselves. Yes, getting a vacuum cleaner on Christmas morning might be practical, but where is the joy in that? I particularly love this gift guide because it’s filled with thing for your inner child. We’re embracing our inner Kimmy Schmidts and finding joy in the little things!

Sticker Subscription ($18 per month)- I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t find at least some joy in stickers. This subscription delivers a whole slew of stickers monthly, so you have enough stickers to decorate everything from your laptop and thank you cards, to your apartment and bunker.

BFF Necklaces ($78)- These are a slight upgrade than the Claire’s necklaces I exchanged with my friends in elementary school.

Streamers Keychain ($18)- This keychain is designed to look like the streamers from a bike handlebar, but now it comes equipped with a USB cord to charge your phone.

Rainbow Pom-pom Beanie ($35)- I am all about the winter accessories. I love me some mittens, a nice pair of earmuffs, and a pom-pom beanie! The rainbow pom-pom on this one just adds to the allure.

Butterfly Barrette ($55)- The perfect accessory for every 90s girl is back and better than ever!

Confetti Backpack ($48) - A backpack full of confetti is a party that you can take everywhere you go!

Cats Purse ($298)- This pink cat purse is slightly ridiculous, but that’s what makes it so cool. This purse is a collaboration between Kate Spade and the Cats movie, but honestly, this purse looks significantly less frightening than the movie…

Sprinkles ($9)- I’m a firm believer that sprinkles make almost anything taste a little better. I love gifting fancier sprinkle blends because they are an easy way to add a little festivity to any baked good.

Pom-pom pillow ($76)- Show me a couch, and I’ll show you a couch that needs a rainbow pom-pom throw pillow.


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