Using Pinterest Effectively to Plan Your Wedding

Pinterest is one of my favorite tools to plan a wedding! There are so many great resources for wedding planning and nearly endless inspiration. Above all, it’s an excellent tool for clarifying your vision and sharing that vision with your vendors. However, there are certainly some ways to use Pinterest that work better than others.

Don’t Start with Pinterest

Starting with searching vague wedding-related terms on Pinterest is a recipe for frustration. You’ll probably end up seeing a lot of the same images over and over again and leave feeling uninspired. Instead, I’d recommend starting with wedding websites and finding images that inspired you from there.

Wedding blogs can be a great place to start (some of my favorites are Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and Rocky Mountain Bride, but there are countless others based on your location or wedding style). Another great source for wedding images are the websites of local photographers and wedding planners. These local websites can be particularly helpful because they will have actually used vendors in your area, which can give you more ideas about who you want to be hiring. These websites typically have “pin it” buttons on their images, so you can add to your Pinterest boards directly from the website.

Get Specific with your Search Terms

Once you have a good number of images from external websites, you can head back over to Pinterest. There are two great ways you can use Pinterest once you have a little bit of a Pinterest board filled up. The first clicking on a pin that you love from within your board and look at the suggested pins that come up (typically once you scroll down). Often, this option can give you variation on a similar idea or theme.

Another option is to start searching! But instead of using generic search terms, you need to get specific. Look over the boards you have created, what styles, colors, or materials appear multiple time? Use these themes from your board to help you create better search terms instead of searching “centerpieces” you can search “blush and wood centerpieces.” Think also about the pieces you are missing from your boards. Pinterest can be a great tool to help you find images of those specific items.

Create Effective Boards (and sections)

The number of boards you create is completely up to you! I’d recommend creating 3 to 5 boards. I find that if you just have one board, things can get a little messy, but you also don’t want to get too granular and have 20 boards. The boards I typically recommend people create are Ceremony, Reception, Attire, Planning, and My Wedding. Within those boards, you can add sections if you want to get a little more organized. For example within the board “Attire,” you might have a section for the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and the flower girl.

Invite Collaborator

If you are working with a vendor on any larger design projects, see if they would be open to being a collaborator to your Pinterest board. This allows them to see your ideas as you update the board and allows them to add images that they find as well. I love being added as a collaborator to clients' Pinterest boards because it allows me to see how their wedding ideas are evolving over time.

Create a board of what is actually going into your wedding

You may have been wondering what the “My Wedding” board is that I listed in my recommended boards. I always recommend couples create one board that contains everything they’ve already purchased or booked for the wedding. This board allows you to see everything in one place and make sure it is coming together and cohesive. I’d recommend adding everything from your cake topper to your venue.

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If you’re still a little stuck on how to plan the style of your wedding day, check out this video, where I talk about style and Pinterest more in-depth! Let me know if you have any other questions.