Ways to Support Corona Brides & Grooms

While everyone is dealing with their own disappointments and hardships during this season of social distancing and quarantines, I think couples that have had to postpone, cancel, or drastically change their weddings have had a particularly rough time. Wedding days are some of the important days in people’s lives and so much work and planning go into creating a wedding day. While I can’t make the effects of COVID-19 go away, I do have some suggestions on how to support those couples whose events have been affected.

1. Remember their old wedding date

I belong to a couple of wedding planning Facebook groups and one thing I keep seeing over and over again are brides who have a really hard time on their former wedding day. I don’t think you need to plan anything elaborate, but sending a card or even just a quick text telling them that you are bummed that their wedding day has passed but you’re looking forward to celebrating with them soon! If you want to go above and beyond consider ordering them a nice bottle of champagne or a meal to be delivered to their home, so they can have a mini-celebration.

2. Stop texting them!

This might seem like it runs counter to my last point, but while you should reach out to make sure they are doing well and to chat you should not continually reach out for details on their new wedding date or plan. There is still so much unknown about this virus and how long it will affect large gatherings that some venues and couples are reluctant to schedule a new date until we have a better sense of what the future looks like. There is a lot of planning and a lot of unknown that comes with planning a wedding during these times. The couple will let you know any information that you need, as soon as they know, I promise, but constantly reaching out and asking for information is just adding more stress to their plates.

3. Send a gift

Like I mentioned in the first suggestion on this list, sending a gift can be a sweet gesture during this time. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, but re-planning a wedding is stressful and I’m sure they’d appreciate the gesture. I love this sweatshirt or this gift package!

4. Plan a virtual bridal shower/bachelorette party

Even for couples whose weddings aren’t directly affected by COVID-19, a lot of the surrounding events like a bridal shower, engagement parties, and bachelorette parties may be cancelled. If any of these events are cancelled, try hosting a virtual version. I will have some blog posts in the coming weeks about how to host a virtual party, but just get everyone on a zoom or facetime call. While it isn’t as good as getting together in person, it’s still a special way to celebrate the bride.

5. Don’t tell them to suck it up

I think the biggest thing you can do for Corona couples (and honestly most people during Corona) is be compassionate to their situation. We all know that this situation is bigger than one cancelled wedding and people are dying, but that doesn’t make their grief over losing their ideal wedding day less valid. I talked a little about this in my Love in the Time of Corona blog post, but I think Brene Brown does a brilliant job talking about comparative suffering. Try your best to give them the space to complain and offer your help if they want it.