Wedding Planning 101: The Video Series

One of my favorite things I've been sharing over the last 6 months has been my wedding planning 101 video series over on my youtube channel. If you haven't had the chance to watch any of those videos, they are a series of videos where I talk you through the basics of planning a wedding. We've talked about everything from how to create a budget to how to figure out your alcohol situation.

Quarantine did put a little bit of a damper on my ability to create videos for a while, but we are back into the swing of things! I share a new video every week and I would encourage you to subscribe over there if wedding planning content is something you are into.

Here are some of my favorite recent videos!

The Bar! This video breaks down all the terminology you might encounter when selecting your bar plan and walks through some of the pros and cons of each option.

Wedding Bands (the music kind): In last week's video, I chatted about all the things you need to consider when you are deciding to work with a wedding band, because it's a different experience than working with a DJ!

Do you need a wedding planner? In this video, I tackled the question "do you need a wedding planner?" We talked about what a wedding planner does and does not do, as well as talking about whether a planner would be worth the money in your situation.

Catering: We talk about the in's and out's of wedding catering, the different types of caterer, and what you need to ask about before you book!

There are so many more videos on the channel and new video in the works, so make sure to subscribe.