Wedding Wednesday: Q&A! #001

I'm starting a new series on the blog today where I answer wedding planning questions from real brides! I pulled today's questions from Facebook and Reddit, but in the future, if you have a wedding planning question you'd like me to tackle leave it as a comment or send me an email at with Wedding Wednesday Question in the subject line.

My fiance and I want the attire to be dressier than cocktail, but not as dressy as black tie. Would saying formal cocktail attire be confusing? Anyone seen a dress code that describes the vibe we are going for?

Black tie optional!

We have been requesting quotes for a non-religious officiant and have been getting numbers back anywhere from $300-800. This seems like so much money to us so we haven't committed to any of them. I just found somebody in a Facebook group that will do it for $50, which seems too cheap to be good.

I guess what I'm wondering is, how do I go about figuring out if she will do a good job and is legit?

I would say the average price for an officiant is typically right around $500, but because there isn’t a lot of material cost, the price range is really wide. I would say the most important thing that you need to do is meet with her! Make sure you like her and feel like she would be a good fit for your wedding. As far if seeing if she is legit, most states make it pretty easy to officiate a wedding, but you can always ask for a list of references, so you can reach out and confirm.

Here is a list of questions I would make sure to ask during your meeting or phone call: How do you create the ceremony? How much of the ceremony planning do you do? How much do you expect us to do? How long are your typical ceremonies? What does the process look like before the wedding day? How many times do you typically meet with couples? What will you wear?

There aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers to these questions, but you want to make sure her style will make sense with what you are envisioning.

I need to find dresses for my flower girls (8, 5, and 2 years old). I don’t see too many options online. I’d like to find something off-the-shoulder if possible?

I love shopping for flower girl dresses! Little girls' clothes are always so much cuter than adult clothes! Here are some of my current favorites (some off-the-shoulder & some not!) :