Wedding Wednesday Q&A #004

What should we do about transportation for the bride and groom following the reception? Hire a limo? Take an Uber? We have a party bus scheduled to take us from the ceremony to the reception, but it costs $125 per hour, so I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep that for after the reception too?

I agree! Keeping the party bus around for the entire reception just to take you the short distance to your hotel seems silly. I’d recommend looking into a black car or limo services in your area. If those prices seem a little too high, take an Uber. You can book ahead of time in the app if you are concerned about being a more isolated place or just order one when your ready to leave if you are in an urban area. Unless it’s going to be a really long ride, I wouldn’t stress too much about it!

How do you properly word RSVP cards for households? I want to signify how many people are invited, but also give them the opportunity to only RSVP yes for a specific number.

You’ve got a couple of options. The first is to write something along the lines of “____ seats are reserved in your honor” where you would fill in the number of people you’re inviting, followed by a line like, “_______ will attend” where they will fill in the number actually attending. Another option is to do it all in one line “________ out of __________ will be attending” where you would fill in the second blank with the number of people invited.

What do you think about late-night snacks? We're doing a Thursday wedding and doing our best to stick to a budget of less than 15k. I'd hate to spend 1k only for all the food to go to waste essentially.

While I think late-night snacks are very much optional, most of the time guests do enjoy having a little snack after many hours of drinking and dancing. I don’t think you need to spend anywhere near $1000 to get a good late-night snack! People love something simple and affordable, think donuts, fast food, pizza, etc. I don’t think you should spend more than a $1 per person on this little late-night treat.

My venue typically doesn’t do rehearsals and says we will be charged $300 per hour to reserve the space for a rehearsal the night before? Should we just skip the rehearsal?

While I don’t think you should pay the $300 (that’s ridiculous!), I do think that having a rehearsal is a good idea. There are two ways I’ve seen this done and both can work well depending on your timing and space. The first is to rehearse the night before somewhere that is not your wedding venue. You can pretty much rehearse anywhere where there is a decent chunk of open space. You mainly just want to walk through the order people are walking in, their spacing, and where they should be standing. Unless your space is very uniquely laid out, practicing in a parking lot, a park, or even your hallway at home, should give everyone the basics.

The other option is to have your rehearsal on the morning of your wedding. This works particularly well if you are getting ready at your venue. You’ll want to make sure to do it before any of the girls get dressed, but I think it’s okay if hair and make-up have started. If the bride and groom don’t want to see each other, run one rehearsal with everyone (minus the bride) and then run another quick walkthrough with just the bridal party and the bride.

We are planning on eloping to Colorado, and was wondering if you knew of a brewery that has good food, fair prices, and is able to accommodate 20 people?

1. Wynkoop- This is a Denver classic. It’s right across the street from Union Station and in the heart of downtown. It’s a large space that would certainly be able to accommodate 20 people.

2. Terminal Bar- While not technically a brewery, it is my personal favorite stop on this list. Located inside Union Station, it serves a wide variety of beers and also has a gorgeous patio space.

3. Great Divide Brewing Co- Probably the most classic brewery experience on this list!

4. Long Table Brewhouse- This a newer addition to the Denver scene (and one I’ve yet to visit) but is beloved in their original home of Ft. Collins.

5. Cerveceria Colorado- I love the patio at Cerveceria and it’s the perfect brewery if you are looking for something a little different.