Wedding Wednesday Q&A #008

Looking to spend a bit less on flowers and I’m thinking about getting some flowers but taking them apart and just using the petals to decorate down the center of our tables along with some greenery. Do you think this would look good and work well?

I’ve seen it and I think it generally looks nice. It’s a great way to add some color and texture to a table. However, do know that if there is any wind (ie an outdoor wedding or doors that open directly outdoor or even overly excited A/C vents) the petals will blow everywhere. Petals are light and will blow around at the slightest breeze. I’d also recommend considering just purchasing bagged flower petals. They are often comparable price-wise and will save you some effort the night before your wedding. You can typically purchase from a local florist or even online.

We’ve decided to stream our wedding since a lot of our guests don’t feel comfortable traveling due to COVID. We will probably have about 300 people who we’ll invite to stream the wedding. Would it be better to create a Facebook group or Zoom or something else to stream? I’m a very private person, so I wouldn’t want the stream to publicly available and I’d prefer not to have the finished video saved (we have a videographer). How should we set it-up? On a tripod? What point of view should we use so it’s doesn’t block guests' views? Who should start it? Whose phone should we use?

Lots of questions within this question! I think a lot more brides will be streaming soon since it seems like travel and big groups will be limited for a while. While there are certainly companies that do an amazing job, you can also create a decent live stream with a DIY set-up.

The first and most important thing is to check the wifi! You’ll need a pretty strong internet to live stream successfully. If your venue doesn’t have great wifi, consider purchasing a mobile hotspot because your cell service probs won’t cut it

As far as the set-up of the actual phone, if possible have it connected to a charger with an external battery, because streaming will eat your battery. I’d recommend getting a phone tripod, you can find them for pretty cheap on amazon and it will give you a lot more options for phone locations. You’ll want to set-up the phone to be pretty close to you, so it can pick-up the sound of the ceremony and get clear visuals. I would talk to your videographer and photographer about their suggestions on location. They'd have the best ideas about where the phone will be the least obtrusive to their shots and the guests.

For the streaming service, use whatever you are comfortable with. Any of them should have the option of saving or deleting the stream after you’re done. Even if it saves it initially, it’s always pretty simple to have the person who ends the live stream delete the saved video. I don’t think it matters which phone you use. Do whatever you are most comfortable with or use whoever has the newest phone with the best camera and battery life.

I’m getting married in a park. Are we the ones who set up the chairs? Who takes them down? Can we wait until the next day?

My first piece of advice is to look over your contracts because I can’t tell you for sure without a lot more information. If chairs are provided with the park rental, will there be a person at the park as a site coordinator? Depending on the number of chairs, they might be able to set things up for you. If your chairs are rented, your rental company can probably set them up, but there might be an additional fee. In either of those cases, you will need a point person to make they are set-up correctly. If neither of those is the case, I’d recommend recruiting some groomsmen for the chair set-up, since their getting ready time is significantly shorter than the bridesmaids.

As far as clean-up, I’d recommend having the same crew take down the chairs who set them up. Can you leave them for the next day? Probably not. Think about how long you rented the park for. Unless you rented the park out through the next morning, you’ll be expected to have cleaned-up before the end of your rental time.

We are making homemade limoncello for our wedding favors. We have about 10 guests who are underage (some kids and some teens). What would be a good favor alternative?

I think the best alternative would be to give those kids bottles of fancy lemonade. I’d just make sure to use different bottles (just leave them in the bottles they came in) and very clearly different labels, so there are no accidental mix-ups.

What’s your favorite “bride” labeled piece of clothing or accessory? I want to get a few cute things for myself to celebrate!

Here are a few of my favs!