Wedding Wednesday Q & A #009

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday Q & A! The series where I answer your wedding planning questions you send to me ( or I find across the internet. This week we're talking wedding veils, makeup trials, and more!

Hi! Do you think it’s really necessary to do a trial run of the makeup before the wedding day? It’s almost as expensive to do the trail as to do the wedding day (which makes sense!), but I don’t know if it would be worth it. I love the portfolio of the makeup artist I’ve picked, should I just trust that the makeup will turn out well on the wedding day?

I would 100% recommend doing a trial run. No matter how fantastic your make-up is, it’s impossible to perfectly predict how the makeup will sit on your skin. It allows you to make adjustments to your makeup based on how it wears, how it looks (both in real life and pictures and how comfortable it feels.

My wedding will be in November 2021. Is it too soon to go dress shopping?

Probably not! I typically recommend dress shopping no more than 18 months out just because so much about your wedding can change during the planning process. You are probably good to go dress shopping now if you’ve already booked your venue and have a pretty good idea of your overall wedding aesthetic. The only other thing I’d consider when shopping this early is: are you planning majorly changing your body in the next year? Whether that’s a big weight loss, a surgery, a pregnancy, or anything else major, if possible you should delay your wedding dress shopping until closer to the wedding date.

I’m just starting planning my wedding for June of next year. My biggest challenge is whether to invite my family, who mostly live in Wisconsin. Our wedding will hopefully be in Nevada, close to where we live. My concern is that we’ll be expected to plan activities for a few days after the wedding. I want to keep a low budget and don’t really want to stress about keeping people entertained. I don’t want them to feel like it was a waste of time and money, but also don’t want to have to plan activities outside the wedding day. Any advice?

When you invite someone to your wedding, you’re inviting them, not forcing them to come. I would make sure to have some clear conversations about what they can expect to manage their expectations and also make sure they know there are no hard feelings if they decide not to come. Then let them make the choice for themselves!

One of my favorite pieces of advice I’ve ever received is “don’t say no for other people.” Don’t decide ahead of time that those people will not want to come based on your understanding of the situation. You have to trust people to make the best decision for themselves.

How the F do you plan a wedding? I got engaged a week ago and people are asking me if I have a date and tbh I don’t have a clue about anything!!!

Have I got just the thing for you! Check out our 6-week wedding jumpstart. It’s a free series of emails that will give you the tools to plan the first few things for your wedding. Check it out here!

Can we talk veils? My dress is very simple so I want a show-stopping veil. Do you have any recommendations on where to get a unique veil?

Love Etsy for veils! It’s a great place to get something unique and custom to you without an outrageous price tag. Here are a few of my favorites!