What I've Been Pinning: Summer 2020!

White Flowers with Blue Plates // Versailles Inspired Wedding Venue // White Flowers // Twinkle Light Ceiling

I’ve really been in love with more formal weddings over the last couple of months. I’m completely head over heels in love with the wedding in the stunning ballroom. It looks like France but actually is in DC. I also can’t get enough of those twinkle lights. They look unreal. Even though I have a special place in my heart for colorful florals, there’s something beautiful about a classic white bouquet.

Bouquet // Wedding Cake // Sugar Flowers

Does anyone else feel like we missed spring this year? I feel like we jumped straight from winter to summer with most of April and May stuck inside. I’m always pinning lots of flowers, but I think I’ve been trying to pin extras to make up for missed spring.

Birthday Cakes // Rainbow Chairs // Orange Place Setting

I feel like you can’t have summer without all the bright colors! I’m obsessed with those color-blocked chairs. I’m always into a good birthday cake display with lots of colors and streamers (maybe because I’m an August birthday 😉).

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