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Partial Planning

Maybe you've got most of the big stuff taken care of, but we can help you take care of the final pieces. 

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Full Planning

We'll help you with every detail of your wedding.  From picking the perfect florist to alphabetizing the place cards, we'll take care of every detail! 

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You've planned your perfect day and now you just need someone to run it.  Let us manage your timeline and make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can enjoy your wedding day!

Day-of Coordination

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Why hire a wedding planner?

The average wedding takes 250 hours to plan!  For most people, their wedding will be the largest party they will ever throw.  With any gathering of this size, there are a lot of details that need to be coordinated from minute by minute timelines to weather back-up plans.  


Wedding planners take care of the endless email, spreadsheets (the boring stuff), and anything else you need, so you can focus on the fun stuff like starting a life with the person you love.  

"Your engagement should be a time to celebrate & plan your the start of your new life together, not a time to stress over budgets and spend countless hours researching vendors. 


Your wedding day should be a day where you can relax & celebrate your relationship with your friends & family.  You shouldn't have to spend the day tracking down the gluten-free option from your caterer or taking a break from hair & make-up to find a parking spot for your DJ." 

Nichelle Giraldes, Owner DFTC Events

Some of our favorite wedding moments...

photo: Autumn Cutuia

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